About Initial D

Initial D is a manga that was serialized in Kodansha Young Magazine from 1995 to 2013, depicting the main character (Takumi Fujiwara), an amateur driver, as he competes against drivers from all over the Kanto region in his quest to become “the fastest driver on public roads.” Currently, MF Ghost” a sequel to Initial D, is being serialized in Weekly Young Magazine. The work is also popular overseas, and a live-action movie was released in Asian countries in 2005, recording the largest attendance for a movie in Taiwan that year.

—The story of Initial D—

Takumi Fujiwara is helping in his parents’ tofu shop, delivering tofu bean curd to their customers. The Toyota AE86 (nicknamed “Hachiroku”), the car Takumi drives, and he himself have tremendous potential. One day, Takumi is assigned to help the Akina Speed Stars, a local team of racers, in a race against the mighty Akagi Red Suns. This was the beginning of the legend of Takumi and Hachiroku! Through racing on public roads with various rivals, Takumi becomes fascinated by the thrill of attacking “toge” (mountain passes). Driving all of Japan into a frenzy, Initial D is the legend of the fastest racer on the public roads!

—Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture : The setting of Initial D—

There are many locations in Gunma Prefecture where Initial D is set, but Shibukawa City is home to a particularly large number of them. All over the city, there are many spots featured in Initial D, such as mountain passes where battles took place, Takumi's parents' house, and the place where Takumi went on a date with Natsuki.

Shibukawa City’s initiatives to promote “anime tourism”

Shibukawa City has been promoting "anime tourism," through which anime and manga fans can visit places where the works were set. The city is looking forward to welcoming you with content that will make your visit to the locations of Initial D even more enjoyable.