Original frame stamp set

Sales price: 3,050 yen per set

【Vol. 2】
Sales price: 2,750 yen per set

Sales price: 1,300 yen per set

【Vol. 4】
Sales price: 1,300 yen per set

On sale at:

Shibukawa Ekimae Plaza (Shibusan)

From 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (seven days a week)

Shibukawa City’s initiatives to promote “anime tourism”

Shibukawa City has been promoting "anime tourism," through which anime and manga fans can visit places where the works were set. The city is looking forward to welcoming you with content that will make your visit to the locations of Initial D even more enjoyable.

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  • Digital stamp rally
  • Original frame stamp set
  • Collaborative accommodation plan
  • Shibukawa City Tourist information